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Divorce Services - Litigation

A litigated divorce process typically involves the need for a qualified expert to present financial information to support issues in dispute to a judge.  It is important for the expert to work closely with lawyers presenting a client's position by developing a full understanding of disputed issues, how the law impacts the issues and how to present the client's position.





While most cases are resolved prior to going to trial, litigated case work is done by an expert so as to be prepared for potential deposition and court testimony. 


Case work experience includes:


  • Assistance to lawyers in the development of discovery information (interrogatories or production of documents)

  • Tracing of marital property and income

  • Forensic accounting and evaluation, including analysis and reconstruction of asset holdings, business income and personal income and spending

  • Analysis of income available for child support and maintenance

  • Business valuation

  • Analysis of earnings capacity

  • Assistance to lawyers in the development of deposition and trial inquiries to other experts or witnesses

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