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Tax and Financial Consulting Services

                    Tax Services


Blau-Himmel offers you the expertise to meet your tax compliance needs in these areas:



Return Preparation


  • Corporations

  • S Corporations

  • Partnerships

  • Individuals

  • Estates/Trusts

  • Nonprofit



Tax Representation


  • Prepare tax information for tax audits

  • Prepare responsive communications

  • Attend office audits

         Financial Consulting Services


Making sound financial decisions individually or for your business is a life-long endeavor.  It is important to work with a financial expert whose expertise can help you to identify opportunities, resolve problems and address the questions to be answered in order to achieve your financial goals.  Blau-Himmel is able to assist you with this in many ways:


  • Financial statement analysis - review your business' operating results from the past and present to better understand what is working well, what to change and what decisions need to be made for the future

  • Pre-nuptial planning - how to plan for asset ownership and cash flow in pre-marriage situations

  • Succession planning - how to transition a new management structure and ownership of your business

  • Retirement planning - review of your current personal financial status and your future financial needs into retirement

  • Estate planning - review of your estate plan documents to determine if they achieve your current goals in transitioning wealth and cash flow to others



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