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Divorce Services - Pro Se

Over 70% of the divorces processed in the State of Wisconsin are cases involving couples who are not represented by lawyers. This type of divorce process is known as Pro Se.


The Upside - -


The economic cost of processing the divorce is low ... sometimes ...


The Downside - -


Statistics show that more than 50% of the pro se cases have some form of post-judgment Court involvement (going back to Court after the divorce is final). This can happen when couples make mistakes in making their support agreements, have unclear written settlement agreements that cause residual disagreement after the divorce is final or their parenting plans are not effective and need to be redesigned. The emotional and financial cost at this point can be substantial for a couple because of the stress and frustration of having to go back to Court.  At this point, it is usually necessary to have professionals assist with getting lingering issues resolved.


Working With Pro Se Clients


While non-lawyers are not able to provide legal advice or draft legal documents, they are able to provide you with legal information about property division and support that can help you to resolve the financial issues in your divorce. Our goal is to assist you in exploring creative options to balance financial matters and meet the goals of your unique situation. It is typically suggested that clients consult with an attorney after they have completed a written agreement in order to ensure that it accurately reflects the agreement made and thereby avoid having to go back to Court if there is a problem later.



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