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Business Valuation

Business valuation is the process of using theoretical procedures to estimate the value of a business.  The need to value a business may be attributed to sale of the business to a third party or key employee, divorce, estate reporting or gift planning, shareholder disputes or succession planning.


The process of valuing a business is comprised of a number of elements including, among other things:


  • Financial analysis of a company's operating results

  • Understanding the business' operations

  • Correlating the business' performance relative to its industry

  • Examination of economic conditions that may impact business performance

  • Application of various theoretical measurements of value


Blau-Himmel has extensive experience valuing businesses in many industries.  Coupled with credentialed training, continuing education and speaking to many business owners, bankers, business brokers and judges about business value, your Blau-Himmel expert has the background to meet your business valuation needs.



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