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Litigation Support Services

Litigation Support Experience Includes:


  • Investigative and Forensic Accounting

  • Tracing of Marital Property/Income

  • Probate Litigation

  • Commercial Damages

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Professional Malpractice Claims

  • Contract Litigation

  • Court-appointed receivership

  • Co-mediation/arbitration

When litigation includes financial matters, it is important to have a qualified, experienced expert as part of the litigation team.


Blau-Himmel offers expertise in accounting, finance, business valuation and tax which provides a strong foundation to deal with the subtleties of financial issues in dispute. That, coupled with several years of law firm experience your Blau-Himmel expert has a hands on understanding of litigation processes and how to present relevant information to a Court for consideration. 


Assisting a client and their lawyer to discern and understand financial facts is the hallmark of a financial expert's work.  This typically involves identifying and analyzing relevant information and communicating that information in a way that lawyers and judges can understand by using written reports, deposition or court testimony and development of supportive exhibits.


Many times, it is also important for a financial expert to understand how an expert working with an opposing party is presenting a differing point of view in a dispute.  Assisting lawyers develop discovery questions, information to be requested and deposition or trial preparation are other areas of expertise available.


The family law litigation and civil litigation experience of Blau-Himmel spans many counties in Southeastern Wisconsin as well as the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin. 





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