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Divorce Services - Collaborative Divorce


In a collaborative divorce process, the couple agrees to work together to reach a settlement of the custody, placement and financial issues in their divorce.  The parties and their lawyers agree in writing that they will not go to court to settle these issues. 


The couple works with a team of professionals with specific expertise to help them process their divorce.  The team must consist of a lawyer for each party and may also include mental health professionals who serve as a divorce "coach", a child specialist and a financial specialist.  A series of meetings are held with the parties by the respective professionals to help the couple sort out and resolve parenting issues, family dynamics, legal questions and the distribution of marital assets and cash flow.


As a financial specialist, it is my role to work with a couple to gather the financial information needed to process their divorce, educate the parties about their finances and assist in developing options for dividing property and sharing cash flow.  It is important that my work be done in a neutral, balanced way while empowering the parties to make informed decisions about their finances.




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